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25 More DFY Special FX Templates,
400+ More Special Effect Elements,

And International Text & Voiceover Translation To 100 Languages...

Plus CUTTING-EDGE Features like:
Multi-Slide Custom Theme Creator | Pan & Zoom / Keyframing |
Chroma / Greenscreen / Color Remover | And A Lot More…

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees

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25 UNIQUE Premium DFY Templates 

With The Hottest Special FX…

With VidzFX MAX, Fully Customize 25 MORE Ready-To-Convert,
Professionally Crafted PREMIUM Templates
And Turn Them Into DYNAMIC Videos With Just A Click!

With 100s of point-and-click customizable PREMIUM templates loaded with fresh videos…

… you can create outstanding Special FX Videos to drastically expand your visibility with ultimate ease.
Watch everything on the LIVE editor while you customize your Special FX Videos…

… thanks to the drag-and-drop interface and dynamically powered special effect video technology, which makes video editing seamless and simple.
All you have to do is type in your content and VidzFX MAX will take care of the rest…

… jam-packed with PREMIUM templates and high-resolution special effect elements.

Get Access To Over

400 More Special Effect Elements

Plus, Get Off The Ground Videos With More Than 400 Stunning Media Elements
Including Animated Icons, Lower Thirds, Transitions…

Special effect elements are one of the most effective ways to create visual and emotional stimulation in your viewers.

Without special effects, your videos would be really boring.
That’s why we're throwing in 1,000s of more special effect elements.

Simply pick-n-use as many effects you want as many times you want. 
And since VidzFX MAX comes with a commercial license, you can also use these elements in videos you will create for your customers.

Just make sure you charge them extra for these stunning elements!

Go International

Dominate International Markets & Bag Clients, Leads & Sales From Around The World
With 1-Click Text & Voiceover Translation To 100 Languages…


Using These Features…

You’re Going To Be Able To

Create Hollywood Style Videos

In Just Minutes

This means you’re going to get a lot more engagement, likes & shares… all in all, more WOW factor.

Don’t forget to charge your clients extra for these features… 

Multi-Slide Theme Creator 

What if you could make custom themes to use on your videos?

With the MAX Edition, you can do exactly that.

Not just that… you can even include any backgrounds, fonts, transitions, & images you want - with point-n-click simplicity.

As soon as you have created the kind of theme you wanted - apply it to any of your videos in just 1-click.

Pan & Zoom/Keyframing

Turn it up a notch and add dynamic motion to your images & move/resize elements in your videos…

… like make an image start small on the left corner and make it grow bigger as it moves to top right, etc.

Such pro features are ONLY used by BIG agencies with very complicated & very expensive tools.

And now with VidzFX MAX… you have the BIG guns too. 

Add Your Own Fonts 

Struggling to find the right font design?

How about you upload & use your own?

We understand that the right font can be crucial in creating a kind of video that you have in mind…

… and so it makes sense that you may want to use your own typeface for something completely unique.

When you upgrade to MAX today… you can add true-type fonts in 1-click and use them in all your videos. 

Screen Recording

Record your screen for creating instructional visuals, professional presentations, or making YouTube videos that get more views and engagement.

Level it up by plugging it into the VidzFX MAX editor… and adding animated text and other special effects.

Create a compelling video your audience won’t want to miss.

Remove Chroma / Greenscreen / Color

Remove greenscreen or color from any video in 1 click…

Superimpose complex backgrounds, & change the backgrounds instantly and effortlessly…

… transporting the characters in your videos from the glaciers of Iceland to the Great Pyramids of Egypt with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The MAX Edition makes doing all this completely effortless & hassle-free.


Worth $997 & 

You Get It For FREE!

Add Team Members To Your Account

Now you can SCALE UP your business with VidzFX MAX.

Add additional users to your account…

… Hire outsourcers to find the very best resources in the market and GROW your business FASTER by adding a few additional hands to your account.

The best part is that you get full control over which team member gets access to what extent.

You keep the master control while delegating certain clients' accounts to your team members.

FREE Commercial License:

Sell Videos Created Using Pro-Level Features & Resources
To Clients And Charge Them A PREMIUM Fee

VidzFX MAX will obviously help your videos get MORE engagement, views, likes & shares…

But don’t forget that it can also help you make a lot more per video you sell.

Using the extra resources & PRO-level features included with the MAX edition -
you can charge your clients an additional fee for making their videos stand out.

Your clients will be blown away when they see the kind of special effects you have been able to use…

… and would understand that you would have had to use advanced tools to create such high-quality videos.

They’d happily pay you more for your time & effort. (Shhh… don’t tell them that you could do it with point-n-click ease).

Look How Much Businesses Are

Happily Paying Freelancers & Agencies

For Such Hollywood Style Videos…



Available Today Only!

Commercial License

Value $997

Make as videos as you want, and sell them all, for a 100% profit. That's right, you read that correctly.

These aren't your average videos because they include professional templates, fonts, backgrounds, graphics, frames, and images that can be used commercially.

Increase your audience engagement, clicks, leads, and sales, and skyrocket your profits!

You won't have to pay any fees for using VidFX's business license, whatsoever.

You have complete control over how much money you make and how much you charge your clients.

Custom Theme Designer

Value $497

Our custom theme designer allows you to personalize all your themes with ready-to-use backgrounds, filters and effects.

Simply drag-n-drop images, elements, and effects you’d like to add, and you’re done.

You can also make your own backgrounds and templates. Simply choose any stock photo you like, customize the font, colors, and you’re good to go.

Translate Text Into The Most Popular Languages

Value $497

Make stunning special FX videos for audiences from all over the world.

With just 1-click… you can now translate the text that you use in your videos into 11 most popular international languages…

Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian & Turkish…

Built-in Voiceover Translation

Value $497

Quickly establish an emotional connection with your target audience…

… enter markets & contact individuals you would not otherwise be able to reach.

Studies show that Voiceover translation boosts sales… with 55 percent of customers stating that they are more likely to purchase a product if the information is presented in their native language.

The MAX Edition automatically translates your voiceovers into whatever language you want.

Get Unlimited Stunning Videos 

For Unlimited Profits!

YES! It's Almost Zero Cost To Get Special FX Videos Now

Probably the cheapest ever to get amazing special FX videos that you can use as many times as you want.

Unlimited viral special FX videos, custom-designed to attract, engage and grab your visitors with products and services they WANT to BUY.

It's really that much more powerful when you have another 100s of DFY Templates & 1,000s of elements that instantly transforms your special effect videos, giving you millions of highly engaging videos in seconds.

Here’s Everything

You Get Today




(One-Time Payment) Zero Monthly Fees





(One-Time Payment) Zero Monthly Fees


Act Now

To Get The Launch Offer!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We have worked hard to make VidzFX MAX Edition the BEST in the market, for you to enjoy all its features. If you have any technical problems with our software, please let us know and we'll get right on it.

Our 30-day iron-clad money-back guarantee protects you. We also provide a team of professionals with 24/7 customer support.

In case this isn't for you and would like a refund, that's fine as well. We doubt that will happen, but if it does, please let us know and we'll remotely disable your license and refund every penny. It's all on us now.

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees

WARNING! If You Leave This Page, You Won’t See This Offer Ever Again!

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